West Bonner School District North Tip / Coeur d' Alene Administrator Not Applicable Full Time Apply no later than 12/31/2021Posted 24D ago

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Job Posted: 11/01/2021
Deadline: 12/31/2021

Salary- Based on the WBCSD Administrative Salary Schedule


Holds or is eligible for an Idaho Administrator Certificate endorsed for superintendent
A minimum of 5 years of school administrative experience on a district wide level in a wide variety of   settings, in addition to a minimum of three years teaching experience
Outstanding communication skills with the ability to provide effective team leadership while demonstrating an open, visible, accessible and participatory leadership style
Knowledge of Idaho State Standards and other state and federally mandated programs
Evidence that demonstrates instructional leadership, planning, organizing and evaluation skills
Knowledge of Idaho education requirements, school laws, funding and finance
Will actively support West Bonner County’s Strategic Plan and will serve as a leader-advocate for the Effective Schools Process, the District Vision and the District Mission
Evidence of personal success with regard to recent efforts towards educational reform
Capacity for maintaining the respect of the community and educational leaders in Idaho
Ability to work under pressure and deadlines
Maintain confidentiality of staff and students
Board of Trustees
The Superintendent shall be the chief administrative officer for the District.  He/She is responsible for the effective operation of the District; for the general administration of all instructional, business or other operations of the District; and for advising and making recommendations to the Board of Education with respect to such activities.  He/She shall perform all the duties and accept all of the responsibilities usually required of a Superintendent as prescribed by the Educations Laws of Idaho State, the rules and regulations of the Idaho State Department of Education, laws and regulations of Idaho, and the policies, rules, and regulations established by the Board of Education.
Relationship with Board of Trustees
Keep the Board informed of the condition of the District’s educational system; assure effective communication between the Board and the staff of the school system.  Relay all communications by the Board regarding personnel to district employees and receive from all school personnel any communications directed to the Board.
Attends and participates in all Board meetings.
Makes administrative decisions necessary to the proper function of District.
Prepares and submits to Board recommendations on all matters requiring board action.  Recommendations are supplemented with necessary and helpful facts, information, and reports as needed for Board to make informed decisions.
Supervises effective administration of all federal, state, local, constitutional and statutory laws, state regulations and board policies.
See to the execution of all decisions of the Board.
See that sound plans of organization, educational programs and services are developed and maintained for the Board.
Recommends, annually, to the Board of Trustee the District Goals.  Monitors and reports back to the Board at least semi-annually, on the progress towards achieving the goals.
Delegates powers or duties to other district employees.  Delegation of power or duties does not relieve Superintendent of final responsibility for action taken under such delegation.
Educational Leadership and Curriculum
Keeps informed of current curricular and educational thoughts, trends, and practices, as well as proposed legislation impacting the schools. Informs the Board of Trustees of significant developments in these areas.
Oversees development and implementation of objectives and long-range plans for curriculum and instructional evaluation and improvement.
Recommends to Board for adoption all courses of study, curriculum guides, and major changes in texts and time schedules to be used in schools.
Assures continuous study and revision of curriculum guides and courses of study.
See that appropriate in-service training is conducted.  Summon employees of the District to attend such regular and occasional meetings as are necessary to carry out the educational programs of the District.
Conducts periodic audit of total school program; advises Board on recommendations for educational advancement in schools.
Financial Management Skills
Prepares annual operating budget recommendations based on guidelines set by the Board of Trustees.  Works with Board to develop the final budget.  Implements the approved budget.
Based on district needs, proposes a supplemental levy amount and items to the Board of Trustees for approval.  Educates and informs the community in all aspects of the supplemental levy.
Prepares all federal program budgets for submission to the State Department of Education.
Identification and Implementation of Board Policy Needs
See to the development of specific administrative procedures and programs to implement the intent established by the Board policies, directives and formal actions.
Acts, if necessary, in any matter not covered by board policy; reports such action to Board as soon as practical; recommends policy in order to provide guidance in the future.
Exercises power to implement board policy, making such rules and giving instructions to students and staff as may be necessary.
Submits to Board a clear and detailed explanation of any proposed procedure that would involve either departure from established policy or interpretation of new policy.
Secures and recommends for employment best qualified and most competent teachers, supervisory, and administrative personnel.  Hires best candidates for support staff positions.
Assigns, transfers, and promotes employees as the interests of the school system may indicate.
Assures systematic performance evaluation of school personnel and takes necessary actions regarding any employee whose performance is judged to be unsatisfactory.
Holds such meetings of school personnel as are necessary for discussion of matters related to the welfare and improvement of the schools.
Oversees employee relations in the school system.
Supervision of Facilities, Transportation and Student Safety
Determines, with the Board of Trustees, short and long-range building needs and oversees implementation of construction, operation and maintenance programs.
Provides suitable instructions and regulations to govern use and care of school properties for school purposes.
Recommends to Board sales of all property no longer required by Board; supervises execution of such sales.
Recommends establishment or alteration of attendance boundaries for all schools in the interest of good administration of instructional programs.
Makes recommendations to Board concerning transportation of students in accordance with law and safety requirements.
Prepares crisis and disaster plans for District with input from staff, law enforcement, and other appropriate persons; oversees implementation including practice drills.
Communications/Public Relations
Establish and maintain liaison with community groups which are interested or involved in the educational programs of the District.
Establish and maintain liaison with other school districts, the State Department of Education, colleges and universities and the U.S. Department of Education.
Attend, or delegate a representative to attend, all meetings of municipal agencies or governmental bodies at which matters pertaining to the public schools appear on the agenda.
Confers periodically with professional and lay groups concerning school programs and relays suggestions to Board gained from such conferences.
Represent the District before the public, and maintain, through cooperative leadership, both within and without the District, such a program of public relations as may keep the public informed as to the activities, needs and successes of the District.
Receive all complaints, comments, concerns and criticisms regarding the operation of the District from the public, employees of the District, students and Board members.
Maintains open lines of communication and cooperative relationships with school staff, Board, parents and community at-large.
Assume responsibility for his or her continuing professional growth and development by such efforts as attendance of professional meetings, membership in professional organizations, enrollment in advanced courses, and by reading professional journals and other publications
Seek assistance should emergencies arise
Represent the school district in a positive manner
Know and follow school district policy and chain of command
Perform other duties as assigned
Performance of this position will be evaluated annually by the Board of Trustees in conformance with district policy and Section 33-513, Idaho Code.
Employment contract not to exceed three years.
All certificated and non-certificated employees and other individuals are required to undergo a criminal history check and submit to fingerprinting.  Any applicant convicted of any of the felony crimes enumerated in Section 33-1208, Idaho Code may not be hired, and any applicant convicted of any felony offense listed in Section 33-1208(2), Idaho Code shall not be hired.
Legal Reference:         I.C. § 33-512               Governance of Schools
                                    I.C. § 33-513               Professional Personnel
                                    I.C. § 33-515               Issuance of Renewable Contracts
                                    I.C. § 33-1201             Certificate Required
                                    I.C. § 33-1210             Information on Past Job Performance
                                    IDAPA              Administrator Certificate

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

West Bonner School District is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.