School District Business Manager

Firth School District East Central / Idaho Falls Accounting/Bookkeeping Not Applicable Full Time Posted 9D ago

About this job

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Position Description: Business Manager
Pay: DOE $45,000 to $55,000
Days per year: 208


1 High school diploma
2. Post high school training in business, accounting, or secretarial skills preferred. Bachelors Degree preferred.
3. Must be eligible to be placed under a fidelity bond.
4. Previous experience as determined by the Superintendent.
5. Strong background in budgeting preferred, including an understanding of the principles and practices of financial accounting and reporting procedures consistent with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy.
6. Knowledge of accepted business practices, federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy governing school districts, including those related to administration, risk management, purchasing, transportation, food services, school plant operations, and facility planning.
7. Ability to maintain accurate and precise records according to federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy.
8. Knowledgeable with computers, including word processing, data bases, spread sheets, and reports.
9. Organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
10. Self motivated.
11. Maintain confidentiality of staff and students.

Primary Responsibility to:

Superintendent and School Board

Job Summary

To maintain district financial records according to federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy. To prepare and administer the district budget.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Keep Financial Records

1. Assist the superintendent in the preparation of the annual district budget.
2. Be responsible for the administration of all phases of the budget throughout the year.
3. Assist the superintendent in developing budget guidelines.
4. Serve as general accountant for the Board.
5. Keep accurate and detailed accounts of all financial transactions as prescribed by federal and state law, administrative rule, and Board policy.
6. Accurately report the districts accounting and financial condition, including all revenues and expenditures, to the Board of Trustees, auditors, state and local sources, and patrons of the district.
7. Assure that all financial and accounting records are maintained in conformity with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
8. Accurately complete required financial and budgetary reports to the State Department of Education.
9. Maintain the financial and employee management systems currently in place and update software and hardware as needed.
10. Monitor all purchase orders to determine accuracy of information, including pricing and coding, and that money is budgeted in the correct category.
11. Maintain a record of the daily balances in the cash accounts and oversee reconciling the general ledger cash balance to the monthly bank reconciliation.

12. Monitor student account reports submitted by school secretaries for accuracy and timeliness.
13. Assure that any fiscal year-end and calendar year-end file maintenance is completed.
14. Monitor the property tax collections, prepare the reports, and calculate the yearly tax levies.
15. Monitor the cash flow of the district and investments as specified by state statute and sound investment guidelines.
16. Maintain financial data used to assist the Board negotiation team during the process of negotiations.
17. Shall account for the deposit of all money of the district in accordance with the provisions of the public depository law.

Manage Financial Transactions

1. Assume responsibility for the audit of all claims, invoices, and demands against the Board, and present them for Board approval and arrange for payment.
2. Collects fees and other moneys due to the Board not payable directly to the treasurer and deposit such funds or transmit them to the treasurer for deposit.
3. Serve as the official purchasing agent of the Board and be responsible for establishing procedures for the acquisition of supplies and equipment for the district in accordance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy.
4. Oversee the preparation of the payroll and ensure proper maintenance of records related to auditing requirements, tax laws, and employee benefits.
5. Be responsible for implementing hospitalization, major medical, and other types of Board-approved employee benefit plans.
6. Be responsible for investment of Board funds in accordance with statute and Board policy.
7. Assure that the district=s payroll is properly processed and maintained in conjunction with all federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy.
8. Calculate and monitor related activities including salary schedules, contracts, taxes, insurance, flexible spending, garnishments, and all other deductions.
9. Provide advanced warning of changes in expenditures or revenues as compared to the adopted budget.
10. Assist the superintendent with the purchase of items of supply, equipment, maintenance, and construction necessary for the operation of the district using competitive bidding, informal quotations, estimates, and negotiation of price for services to be provided.
11. Monitor social security, retirement, group health, and all other employee benefit programs.
12. Issue checks in payment of all bills approved by the Board.
13. Keep a list of vendors and the amounts of the checks authorized to become a part of the district=s records.

Board Record Keeping

1. Safeguard and maintain all records and papers of the Board.
2. Devise a system of acceptable filing to guarantee the safety and availability of all reports, minutes of meetings, contracts, communications, and publications, and such other documents as the Board my place in the district=s custody.
3. Be responsible for the retention and destruction of public documents in accordance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy, and serve as the records management officer.
4. Post and publish all legal notices.
5. Submit paperwork and reports as directed by the Board.
6. Be responsible for processing resignations and retirements, PERSI separation forms as well as insurance forms.
7. Attend meetings and training sessions, representing the district, and accurately recording items that must be handled by the district.
8. Prepare and update the annual list of the school officials, by office and position, whose responsibilities require the filing of the Financial and Personal/Relative Disclosure Statements.


1. May be placed under a fidelity bond if required by the Board.
2. Administer the districts insurance and risk management program.
3. Receive and process any Tort Claim Notices or lawsuits filed against the district.
4. Keep the Board informed of activities and any issues that may arise.
5. When assigned, attend district Board meetings, and speak on assigned topics.

6. Assume responsibility for his or her continuing professional growth and development by such efforts as attendance at professional meetings, membership in professional organizations, enrollment in advanced courses, and by reading professional journals and other publications.
7. Represent the school district in a positive manner.
8. Know and follow school district policy and chain of command.
9. Perform other duties as assigned.


Performance of this position will be evaluated periodically by the superintendent an/or School Board in conformance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy.

Terms of Employment

This position shall be considered in all respects employment at will. The employment period and other descriptions and terms set forth shall not create a property right for the employee. These are set forth only to advise the employee of when and what type of services will be required by the district so long as the employment continues.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

Firth School District is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.