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About this job

Bishop Kelly High School's mission is to educate and develop the whole student in the Catholic tradition- spirit, mind, and body.

In fulfilling the mission of Vatican Council II, at Bishop Kelly, the goal of Christian education is to produce men and women of principle who translate those principles into the actions of their daily lives.


RESPONSIBLE TO: Bishop Kelly High School Board of Governance

COLLABORATES WITH: Sponsoring Parishes; Catholic School Principals

SUPERVISES: Principal, Finance, Philanthropy, Human Resources, Admission, Marketing, Facilities, and Kitchen


The President is the chief executive officer of Bishop Kelly High School. In that capacity, the President provides executive leadership directing the operations of Bishop Kelly consistent with Bishop Kelly’s mission and Catholic identity. The President is appointed by and accountable to the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance.
The President’s responsibilities include supervision of school principal and administrative staff; oversight of business operations; marketing and enrollment; public relations; strategic planning and implementation; philanthropy; and serving as the Bishop Kelly Board’s liaison to internal and external stakeholders.
The President will work to strengthen the school’s mission and Catholic identity, academic excellence, operational vitality. In addition, the President will provide leadership, in collaboration with the Board, in the establishment of annual and long-term goals and objectives.


Spiritual Leadership

Personally models the life of a believing and practicing Catholic.
Fosters a Christian environment within the entire Bishop Kelly community.
Ensures that the principal exercises vigilance in guaranteeing that the program of religious education sponsored by Bishop Kelly High School -instruction and ministry- reflects the approved teaching and practices of the Catholic Church and Diocesan guidelines.
Provides spiritual leadership that is consistent with the Diocesan vision for the promotion of Catholic identity and Catholicity in Diocesan schools, by working in collaboration with, and under the guidance and direction of the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools.
Fosters collaboration with each of the participating parishes including parish leadership, parish councils, parish schools, and parish youth ministers, Diocesan ministries, and with all religious communities of the Diocese of Boise.

Visionary and Strategic Leadership

In collaboration with the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance, develops measurable short and long-term goals and objectives for appropriate areas of school life, including the recruitment, admission, and retention of students, staffing, curriculum development, facilities, finances, and institutional development, and coordinates those goals and objectives with the overall Diocesan vision for Catholic schools.
Communicates short and long-range goals and objectives, as well as the mission statement to the school community, most particularly to the entire Bishop Kelly community.
In collaboration with the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance, ensures that a clearly articulated strategic plan is developed, implemented, and constantly evaluated.
Uses varied sources of information, data collection, and data analysis strategies for the purpose of planning school improvement, increasing student achievement, and ensuring financial stability.

Management and Organizational Leadership

Maintain and strengthen our BK Way culture.
Assists the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance in the development of policies required for the proper operations of Bishop Kelly High School.
Ensures the implementation of the Board of Governance and Diocesan adopted policies in all areas.
Participates, personally or through the Principal, in meetings of all Catholic School principals coordinated by the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools, and assures the implementation of any direction resulting from interaction with the Diocesan Superintendent and other Catholic School principals.
Oversees the provision of a safe, effective learning facility that allows our faculty, staff, and students to thrive.

Financial and Business Leadership

Preparation of the annual school budget, with input from the principal and staff, in alignment with annual strategic goals and objectives.
Presentation of the annual school budget to the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance for review and adoption.
Management of approved annual school budget throughout the school year and reporting on the budget status monthly to the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance.
Creation of a master plan for the campus that provides for growth and improvement in the facility.
Development and implementation of Bishop Kelly Board of Governance approved policies and procedures regarding non-school use of the school facilities.

Advancement- Philanthropy, Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications

Preparation and execution of capital campaigns in collaboration with the Bishop Kelly Board of Governance, Bishop Kelly Foundation, and the VP of Philanthropy.
Oversight of all philanthropic efforts (annual fund, community events, etc.).
Actively engaged in all communication and marketing efforts
Leads enrollment management process to yield enrollment and retention goals
Serves as chief spokesperson for Bishop Kelly and maintains positive Boise community relations and involvement.
Fosters and maintains positive relations with parents, alumni, and the Bishop Kelly community.

Practicing Catholic, experienced professional with advanced degree preferred, motivated leader adept in focusing time on and executing strategic priorities, demonstrated knowledge of strong financial planning and analytical skills, marketing experience, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, experience in managing organizations, comfortable with fundraising and/or sales.

START DATE: July 1, 2022

COMPENSATION: Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience. A comprehensive benefits package will be provided.

EMPLOYMENT TERMS: This will be addressed in a written contract.

The BKHS Board of Governance evaluates the performance of the President of Bishop Kelly High School annually. The evaluation of the President will be guided by the mission of the school, the strategic plan, the role description, the input from staff, and the goals proposed by the President, and the Personnel Policies of the Diocese of Boise. A written evaluation shall be provided to the President.

Application for this position must be completed electronically via email. To apply, please submit a cover letter that expresses interest and fit for the Bishop Kelly High School President position and a current resume with all appropriate dates included. Email documents to Inquiries and applications will be held confidentially. The deadline to receive applications is December 13, 2021.