K-8 Certified Teacher (Strength in Mathematics Preferred) 2023-2024 School Year

Culdesac School District North Central / Lewiston Classroom Teacher Middle Full Time Posted 1Y ago

About this job


Idaho teaching certificate with appropriate endorsements.
Strong background in the integration of technology with instruction.
Works well with students, staff, and the public.
Excellent organizational skills.
Excellent public relations and communication skills.
Strong background in effective classroom management.
Strong background in curriculum and state standards.
Able to work under deadlines.
Maintains confidentiality in all areas of job duties.


Our teachers are responsible for ensuring that students achieve mastery of learning objectives. They provide guidance, instruction, and support, manage the learning process and focus on students’ individual needs. The teacher is a highly qualified instructional teacher responsible for delivering specified course content both online and in person. Strength in Mathematics is preferred.


Know and understand the curriculum for assigned grade level(s).
Provide students with quarterly/semester assignments via learning plans, update as needed, and regularly discuss assignments with students/learning coaches.
Utilize data to drive live instruction, targeting individual student needs.
Instruct individuals and small groups of students on a daily basis.
Target instruction to student needs based on different data sources.
Regularly review student needs to ensure instruction is effective and appropriate.
Ensure completion of initial, in-year, and year-end student assessments and utilize student data to drive ongoing instruction
Collect, review, evaluate and grade student work within 72 hours of assignment submission.
Proactively track student academic progress and attendance on a daily and weekly basis, and discuss pupils' academic and behavioral attitudes and achievements with parents.
Counsel students when adjustment and/or academic problems arise.
Review, analyze, and process academic placement changes.
Conduct in-person (face-to-face) and/or virtual meetings every quarter or as required with parents/responsible adults and students to assess each student’s progress, learning style, and any other academic, social, or developmental issues.
Generate informal and formal reports based on parent/student conferences.
Complete report cards and assign grades for mid-semester progress reports and semester report cards.
Alert administrators of any concerns about student progress.
Support parents with student placement, curriculum, and instructional issues.
Support parents and students with school set-up including basic computer set-up, navigation, and troubleshooting.
Utilize and test new technologies before families and students implement them.
Organize orientations, training, and social and educational activities for students and families; such as school outings, service-learning opportunities, clubs, and events.
Organize and attend school outings as required.
Attend regularly scheduled meetings, and participate in school activities, back-to-school events such as open houses, and orientations.
Ensure compliance with state requirements.
Complete monthly attendance reports to be used for state attendance reporting.
Actively participate in all aspects of standardized testing (including, but not limited to, working with administration to prepare students for testing, and ensuring all students are tested.
Serve as proctors for site-based proctored exams.
Respond as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours to parent, student, teacher, and admin inquiries via phone and/or e-mail during the regular work week.
Actively participate in student IEP processes.
Participate in teacher conference calls/meetings as needed.
Participate in professional development (virtual and in person).
Attend all in-person meetings as scheduled.
Participate in the teacher evaluation process.
Participate in the school's self-evaluation process.
Assist with various projects throughout the year with colleagues and administration, as needed. Other duties as assigned.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

Culdesac School District is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.