Elementary SPED

American Falls School District Southeast / Pocatello Special Education Primary Full Time Apply no later than 8/22/2022Posted 1M ago

About this job

JOB GOAL: To provide individual education instruction to enable the child to perform at her or his maximum potential and if possible, at grade level.

1. To inform the regular classroom of the procedures and services of the resource room.
2. To conduct formal and informal behavioral and educational assessments of referred students.
3. To organize and conduct a Child Study Team meeting for each child referred.
4. To prepare an Individual Educational Program for each child annually.
5. To prepare and implement and Individual Instructional Program that meets the individual needs, interests, and abilities of the student in each skill area.
6. To inform parents and teachers of student’s progress.
7. To provide quality ancillary instruction in a positive atmosphere.
8. To help the child develop a better self-image.
9. To plan and supervise purposeful assignments for teacher aides and/or volunteers
10.To maintain accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, District policy, and administrative policy.
11. To keep informed of current programs and techniques for teaching exceptional children.
12. To organize and conduct an annual review for the purpose of assessing the accomplishments of the student and establish placement and/or programs for the following year.
13. To make the learning resource room an integral part of the School System.

Education required

1. Approved Interim or Standard Exceptional Child Certificate or equivalent
2. Bachelor’s Degree


Available upon Request