Educational Sign Language Interpreter

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About this job

TITLE: Educational Sign Language Interpreter
General description: “Educational Interpreter” means a person employed in the Idaho public schools, kindergarten through grade twelve (12), to provide interpreting services to students who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind and hearing participants and peers. The educational interpreter provides interpreting and/or transliterating and cultural bridging in the educational environment. This environment includes classroom, laboratory, field trip, assembly, students attending IEP meetings and other educational sites and activities. The educational interpreter is an integral member of the educational team.
● Is knowledgeable of Idaho statutes and requirements for educational interpreters.
● Interpret/transliterates instructional conversation that is voiced or signed in the classroom, using ASL, Signed English as appropriate for the student and determined in the IEP.
● Maintains current skills to provide accurate interpretation of conversation and instruction. ● Maintains familiarity with curriculum and content to appropriately sign technical terms and concepts. ● Prepare for classroom content with access to lesson plans and classroom materials.
● Under the general education classroom teacher and/or the teacher of the Deaf’s direction, the educational interpreter will provide educational support to student as determined by the IEP.
● Interprets conversations between student and peers, or peer conversations.
● Interprets at field trips and after-school events that are school sponsored.
● Interprets environmental auditory cues (alarms, announcements, hallway noise…etc.). ● Adheres to the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment Guidelines of Professional Conduct for Educational Interpreters.
● Establishes healthy boundaries between self and student to encourage student self-advocacy and independence.
● Work to establish and maintain communication with students, teachers and educational staff, to be an effective team member. Functions as a team member while maintaining confidentiality within the team.
● High School diploma or equivalent
● Demonstrates effective spoken and written English communication skills
● Meet the minimum standard as required by the “Idaho Educational Interpreter Act”, Chapter 13, Title 33. o Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) score of 3.5 or higher
o Nationally certified through Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)
o National Association of the Deaf (NAD), Level 3 or higher and kept current
● As required in the “Idaho Educational Interpreter Act”, the educational interpreter must get 80 continuing educational hours every five years following the requirements within the statute
● As required by the “Sign Language Interpreter Licensing Law”, HB 46, the educational interpreter will not interpret for adults who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing in the public school K-12 setting, unless they are licensed by the State of Idaho
● Comply with district performance standards, evaluations, policies and procedures
● Function in a professional manner appropriate to the situation

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