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TITLE: School Psychology ServicesQUALIFICATIONS:1. A master's degree, Ed. Specialist degree, or doctorate in psychology2 Qualified for or holds a Pupil Personnel Certificate endorsement as a school psychologist, as issued by the State Department of Education.3. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.REPORTS TO: Special Services Administrator or his/her designee.JOB GOAL: The school psychology program provides four types of services within theCooperative. First, the school psychologist operates as a member of eachbuilding educational team and Child Study team. Second, the schoolpsychologist assists in the planning and monitoring functions of theSpecial Services to organization. Third, indirect services are providedstudents through contact and consultation with teachers, parents, andmembers of outside agencies. Fourth, direct services are provided tostudents through counseling and/or other strategic interventions.TARGET POPULATION: Students preschool through 12 who are experiencing educational,social/emotional, and/or behavioral difficulties are targeted forservices by the school psychology program. Educational teamsand Child Study Teams serve as vehicles for identifying needfulstudents, and assigning the services of the school psychologist.The services provided to students may be in the form ofevaluation, indirect, and/or direct intervention.PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:Services provided by the school psychologist fall within four major categories:1. Member of the SWAT, MDT, and Child Study Teams.a. Assist in the development and implementation of buildingscreening and referral processes.b. Assist in the comprehensive evaluation of students when so requested by aneducational team.c. Assist in placement and programming decisions regarding studentsdeemed eligible for special education.d. Assist in monitoring the progress of exceptional students.e. Provide interpretation of state and federal regulations regarding the education of exceptional students.f. Conducts separate parent feedback sessions, if necessary, to share staffing and comprehensive evaluation findings and recommendations for placement and remediation.2. Indirect Services (given in order of priority)a. Provide consultation to special education teachers regarding theinstruction and management of handicapped students.b. Provide consultation to regular education teachers regarding identification, instruction, management, and mainstreaming of handicapped students. Consultation is also provided regarding non-handicapped students experiencing educational difficulties.c. Provide consultation to parents regarding school-related studentdifficulties.d. Provide in-service to district staff.e. Maintain contact with service and community organizations toobtain and provide relevant information.f. Maintains accurate and complete records of student processing and enrollment data, student and parent contacts, and student progress information.g. Trains student interns, when assigned, in the employment of evaluative, consultive, counseling, and resource coordination skills.h. Evidence of interest in professional growth by taking advanced college courses, participating in workshop and in-service opportunities, and reading professional journals.DESCRIPTION OF DIRECT SERVICES : Provide individual counseling to studentsexperiencing school-related difficulties.Provide group counseling to students with similarschool-related difficulties.PLANNING AND MONITORING FUNCTION:1. Assist the Director of Special Services in determining special education needs withinthe cooperative.2. Assist the Director of Special Services in devising plans forimproving special education within the Cooperative.3. Assist in the implementation of changes deemed necessary by the Director.TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT : 190 to 210 day contract, dependent upon the educationalneeds of the student.Salary to be determined annually by the Board of Trustees.EVALUATION:Performance of this job will be evaluated annually by the Special Services Administrator and building principal (s) in accordance with the provisions of the Board's policy on evaluation.

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