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About this job

Job Title: Early Childhood Caregiver

Location: McCall-Donnelly Early Childhood Center. 299 S. 3rd Street. McCall, ID 83638

Position: Full-Time / Part-Time

Salary: Dependant on district salary placement scale, years of experience in related fields, and level of education.

Job Overview: As an Early Childhood Caregiver, you will play a vital role in nurturing and caring for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years while their parents are at work or school. This position requires patience, creativity, excellent communication skills, responsibility, compassion, and a nurturing attitude to ensure the well-being and development of the children in your care.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Childcare:

Provide nurturing care for children during their time at the facility.

Ensure children receive nutritious meals and snacks, taking dietary restrictions and allergies into account.

Assist children with proper hand hygiene and follow disease and infection control protocols.

2. Educational Support:

Organize age-appropriate activities and implement educational activities that stimulate physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth.

Help prepare children for school by introducing educational concepts and fostering a love of learning.

Encourage creativity and critical thinking through play and structured activities.

Provide a consistent routine/schedule daily to ensure children feel safe and secure.

3. Daily Care:

Organize mealtime preparation, mealtime, and mealtime clean up while staying compliant with state regulations and guidelines.

Change diapers, ensuring cleanliness and comfort while following sanitary procedures and staying compliant with state regulations and guidelines.

Maintain a clean environment in classrooms, common areas, restrooms, play yard, etc.

Ensure children have essential supplies from home, such as diapers and diaper cream.

4. Emotional Support:

Comfort children when they are upset or crying.

Determine the cause of distress and address it appropriately.

Maintain open communication with parents regarding their child's progress, behavior, and well-being.

5. Parent Involvement:

Have excellent communication with parents often throughout the day using Brightwheel.

Encourage parent volunteers to participate in activities and engage in program planning.

6. Other duties:

Prepare age-appropriate lesson plans.

Supervise children during outdoor playtime and ensure their safety while on the playground.

Complete opening and/or closing duties of the Center.

Complete all state and district required educational requirements yearly.


- High school diploma or equivalent (relevant education and certifications are a plus).

- Posses basic computer skills.

- Previous experience in childcare or early childhood education.

- CPR and First Aid certification (or willingness to obtain).

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

- Patience, creativity, and a nurturing disposition.

- Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

- Strong teamwork ethic.

As an Early Childhood Caregiver, you will contribute to the growth, development, and well-being of the children in your care, creating a safe and enriching environment where they can thrive. Your dedication and compassion are essential to providing a positive early learning experience.

If you have any questions, you may contact Jordan Sheridan, MDECC Director,

To apply, please visit our webpage at Follow the “Fast Track” link under employment opportunities.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

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