Building Trades Instructor

COSSA Southwest / Boise Carpentry Secondary Full Time Posted 3M ago

About this job

JOB SUMMARY - Prepare students for success in secondary, post-secondary, and industry professional-technical mathematics. Develop and implement a competency based training curriculum and assessment program based on individual performance levels and needs. QUALIFICATIONS - Applicants must hold or be eligible for, a valid Idaho Education Credential in Building Trades. BACKGROUND CHECK - A complete fingerprint background check must be conducted by the Department of Education with final employment based on candidate having a clear record. PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES - 1. Develop a curriculum scope and sequence in accordance with suggested state and Industry guidelines. 2. Cooperate and coordinate with other Instructors, Counselors and Schools in the screening and placement of students in the program. 3. Develop with Instructors and the student, individualized training programs. 4. Establish follow- up and monitoring procedures. 5. Take full responsibility for the training and instruction of students while they are under your care, which is not limited to but includes; a. Lesson Preparation b. Preparing instructional materials c. Giving tests and grading students. d. Student discipline and control 6. Collaborate with all staff members to ensure a coordinated effort in meeting the needs of students, providing meaningful curriculum, acquisition of supplies, and the implementation of Agency, Board, and COSSA policies. Carry out other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Professional Technical Education Coordinator or COSSA Board of Trustees. 7. Establish evaluation criteria for classroom and work stations. 8. Provide daily attendance reports to COSSA office in a timely manner as requested. 9. Submit all reports required by the State Division of Professional Technical Education. 10. Serve as a liaison between COSSA and the participating Schools. 11. Maintain appropriate and required school records. 12. Maintain an inventory of all program equipment and materials. 13. Actively participate with building teams in the development of individualized training programs for special needs students. 14. Coordinate with the CTE Coordinator in evaluating and modifying program content and effectiveness. 15. Carry out other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the CTE Coordinator.

Education required

Certification must determined by the Division of Professional-Technical Education and, in general requires a Bachelors Degree and three (3) years of recent gainful employment or not less than (8) years of recent successful gainful employment in the technical field in which you will be teaching. Preferably the instructor will have supervisor experience and must qualify for an Idaho Professional-Technical Specialist Certificate.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

COSSA is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.