Assistant Superintendent Secondary Education

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About this job

SUPERVISOR: Superintendent
SUPERVISES: 1. Co-supervises the Executive Assistant of Elementary and Secondary Education. 2. Secondary Principals

PRIMARY FUNCTION: It is the primary function of the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education to ensure that all students graduate from Coeur d’Alene schools with a sense of self and purpose, ready for college and/or career, and equipped with the skills, capacities and dispositions outlined in Coeur d’Alene School
District’s Graduate Profile. It is the essential work of the Assistant Superintendent, in collaboration with colleagues, to make certain that each and every student receives the quality instruction and equitable support required to thrive in the 21st century. To that end, the Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education provides leadership in secondary education with staff development and evaluation in all areas of educational programming.

 Master's degree in Education Administration; Superintendent Certification; Preferred candidates will hold a doctoral degree in educational leadership.
 Five years of successful teaching experience required and successful school administrative experience required.
 Knowledge and experience of curriculum, instruction, and assessment across the K-12 spectrum.
 Understanding of learning theory, instruction systems design, and effective evaluation of student learning outcomes and how each of these relates to instructional design and intervention.
 Previous supervisory experience required.
 Strategic planning and project management skills.
 Ability to effectively prioritize work, meet multiple deadlines, and adjust to changing workloads and priorities.
 Ability to create, analyze, and interpret complex documents and data, such as reports, budgets and assessment results in order to inform program decisions and recommendations.
 High level of customer service and interpersonal skills.
 Ability to establish rapport and collaborative relationships with all constituents of the district and local community.
 Demonstrated effective leadership ability in working with students, staff, parents and the public.

Learning Leadership
 Leads and influences secondary educational programs in the pursuit of excellence.
 Supervises and administers responsibilities district-wide in the areas of staff development, leadership, and learning.
 Leads with the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education and Instruction and District Directors in assessing needs, planning, and implementing district professional development programs.
 Oversees summer secondary education programs.
 With the assistance of district leaders, collects and analyzes data to determine the effectiveness of educational programs in order to make program decisions and adjustments.
 Acts in a consolatory and advisory capacity to the Superintendent of Schools on matters pertaining to secondary education and the formulation and execution of curriculum and assessment practices and policy.

School Climate
 Demonstrates high expectations and regard for supervised staff.
 Models behavior that promotes positive organizational climate.
 Demonstrates openness to staff suggestions for improving district, school, and classroom collaboration and community.
 Fosters collegiality and agency among staff and students, encouraging active involvement in decision making.
 Promotes a positive, caring environment in our schools and work environments.
 Works harmoniously with all administrators, staff, and teachers.
 Assists with public relations as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.

School Improvement
 Collaborates with the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education and Instruction to direct the development, implementation and evaluation of the educational program.
 With the assistance of district leaders establishes procedures and processes for long range planning for all phases of the educational program.
 Systematically monitors secondary school improvement goals, commitments and actions.
 Leverages data and evaluative findings to 1) determine the extent to which district and school goals and objectives are being met, and 2) ensure that each and every school fully engages in the continuous improvement process.
 Communicates effectively the District’s mission, goals, policies and programs.

Personnel Management
 Assists in determining staffing needs.
 Conferences with assigned staff to discuss performance and to jointly develop improvement objectives to identify professional growth opportunities.
 Provides leadership coaching and technical assistance to directors and principals concerning the teaching/learning process, and encourages improved overall performance.

Administration and Fiscal Management
 Implements policies established by federal and/or state law, state board of education rules, and the local board policy.
 Demonstrates responsible fiscal control over assigned program budgets.
 Assists with recommendations regarding employee salaries.

School and Community Relations
 Articulates the District’s mission, profile of a graduate, and strategic plan to the community and solicits their support in making desired outcomes become a reality.
 Cultivates awareness of school/community needs and develops initiatives to meet those identified needs, as appropriate.
 Emphasizes and nurtures communication between the district, schools and community.
 Projects a positive image to the community.

Professional Growth and Development
 Uses information provided through assessment instruments, the district appraisal process, and evaluative feedback from the Superintendent to improve system performance.
 Strives to improve leadership skills through self-initiated professional development activities.
 Utilizes information and insights gained in professional development programs for self-improvement.
 Disseminates ideas and information to other professionals; provides leadership, support and accountability in addressing the challenges facing schools and the District.
 Conducts oneself in a professional, ethical, and responsible manner.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS - required with or without a reasonable accommodation:
 Effective communication capabilities to discern verbal conversation.
 Comprehend the meaning of words and respond effectively.
 Visual acuity to comprehend written work, prepare, review, and organize documents and observe classroom and student activities.
 Manual dexterity to perform repetitive hand/wrist/arm motions and to operate a computer and office equipment.
 Personal mobility, flexibility, and balance which permits the employee to work in an office environment and travel around the district and community as necessary.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Exempt Position working for twelve (12) months. This position is contracted on an Idaho State Approved Administrator Contract.
SALARY: Determined by the Board
BENEFITS: Annual leave of 20 days per year; other benefits as provided certificated staff
EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of Board’s Policy on Evaluation of Administrative Staff.

Education required

Master's degree in Education AdministrationSuperintendent CertificationPreferred candidates will hold a doctoral degree in educational leadership.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

Coeur d'Alene School District is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.