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About this job

**White Pine is looking for a part-time ASSISTANT BUSINESS-OPERATIONS MANAGER **

**If you are interested in White Pine, please complete the application below and submit with the following to**

1. Application
2. Resume

High school diploma
Previous experience preferred
Knowledge of federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy governing school districts related to administration, risk management, purchasing, transportation, food services, school plant operations, and facility planning, or is willing and able to study and attend training to gain this knowledge
Ability to maintain accurate and precise records according to federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy
Works well under pressure and deadlines
Organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
Maintain confidentiality of staff and students

Business & Operations Manager

To assist the business & operations manager in managing the business affairs of the district efficiently and effectively to ensure that educational support services help to achieve the educational goals of the district with the available financial resources.


Keep Financial Records
Assist the business manager in the preparation of the annual district budget
Help with the administration of all phases of the budget throughout the year
Assist in keeping accurate and detailed accounts of all financial transactions as prescribed by federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy
Assist in completing accurate, complete reports to the State Department of Education relative to the financial and budgetary position of the district such as annual reports, quarterly cash reports, and data acquisition manual requests
Help assure that all financial and accounting records are maintained in conformity with generally accepted accounting standards
Aide in maintaining the financial and employee management systems currently in place and updating software and hardware as needed
Enter all purchase orders into the computer, keep track of the paid and unpaid status of each purchase order, and keep track of expenditures on account encumbrance sheets
Ensure the daily operation and monitoring of accounts payable work flow and accuracy
Code bills, account numbers, and vendor amounts monthly to assist the clerk of the Board/business manager in investing funds and in preparing monthly reports
Maintain business book in a manner approved by the auditing firm and prepare all books for annual audit
Maintain inventory and receipts of goods
Distribute and inventory supplies
Assist with fiscal year-end and calendar year-end file maintenance
Help monitor the cash flow of the district and investments as assigned

Manage Financial Transactions
Assist in auditing claims, invoices, and demands against the Board
Assist in establishing procedures for the acquisition of supplies and equipment for the district in accordance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy
Assist in keeping records of the investment of Board funds in accordance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy
Help provide advanced warning of changes in expenditures or revenues as compared to the adopted budget
Aide in keeping a list of vendors and the amounts of the checks authorized to become a part of the district’s records
Help reconcile credit card transactions

Facilities and Operations
Assist the operations manager in overseeing the operation and maintenance of school facilities and custodial, grounds, and maintenance services
Aide in ensuring that all federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy regarding the health and safety of students and staff are maintained and that required reports are maintained
Assist the operations manager in the implementation of the district’s comprehensive maintenance plan
Assist in overseeing the efficient operation of the district's food services program and ensure compliance with relevant federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy
Assist in the business aspects of the student transportation program
Help prepare cost data and cooperate with other facilities personnel during construction programs
Assist in scheduling the use of school buildings and grounds by authorized groups in accordance with Board policies
Assist in compiling a list of bus drivers and substitute drivers and certification of the drivers’ valid school bus driver's licenses and criminal background checks

Record Keeping and Reporting
Aide in safeguarding and maintaining all records and papers of the Board
Help with the retention and destruction of public documents in accordance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy
Assist in preparing the official meeting minutes and aid in handling the correspondence of the Board
Maintain a well organized, up to date filing system
Maintain a log of general correspondence and drafts responses to inquiries
Assist in preparing and updating the annual list of the school officials, by office and position, whose responsibilities require the filing of the Financial and Personal/Relative Disclosure Statements


When assigned, attend district Board meetings and speak on assigned topics
Assume responsibility for his or her continuing professional growth and development by such efforts as attendance at professional meetings, membership in professional organizations, enrollment in advanced courses, and by reading professional journals and other publications
Seek assistance should emergencies arise
Represent the school district in a positive manner
Know and follow school district policy and chain of command
Perform other duties as assigned

Performance of this position will be evaluated periodically by the clerk of the Board/business manager in conformance with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy.

This position shall be considered in all respects “employment at will”. The “employment period” and other descriptions and terms set forth shall not create a property right for the employee. These are set forth only to advise the employee of when and what type of services will be required by the district so long as the employment continues.

All certificated and non-certificated employees and other individuals are required to undergo a criminal history check and submit to fingerprinting. Any applicant convicted of any of the felony crimes enumerated in Section 33-1208, Idaho Code may not be hired, and any applicant convicted of any felony offense listed in Section 33-1208(2), Idaho Code shall not be hired.

Legal Reference: I.C. § 33-512 Governance of Schools
I.C. § 33-1210 Information on Past Job Performance

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

White Pine Charter School is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.