2024-25 Half Athletic Director/Half Teacher

TETON COUNTY DISTRICT East Central / Idaho Falls Director/Coordinator/Manager Secondary Full Time Apply no later than 7/1/2024Posted 9D ago

About this job

This position is anticipated to be Half Athletic Director, Half Teacher at Teton High School, subject to the needs of the district. ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR  JOB TITLE: ATHLETIC AND ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR  SUPERVISED BY: School Principal  SUPERVISES:  Coaches and advisors of school sports, extra-curricular, student clubs  GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION: 1. To provide each student with a variety of extra-curricular programs, activities, and events from which to choose for personal recreation, enrichment and value formation. 2. To provide each enrolled student of secondary school age an opportunity to participate in an extracurricular athletic activity which will foster physical skills, a sense of worth and competence, a knowledge and understanding of the pleasures of sports and the principles of fair play.  SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES  ATHLETICS: 1. Organizes and administers the overall program of extra-curricular athletics. 2. Provides leadership in the selection, assignment and evaluation of athletic coaches and staff members. 3. Fosters good school/community relations by keeping the community aware of and responsive to the athletic program. 4. Assumes responsibility for the organization and scheduling of all interscholastic athletic events. 5. Hires officials, team physicians and policemen as required, and assumes general responsibility for the proper supervision of home games. 6. Arranges transportation for athletic contest participants. 7. Develops and places into operation appropriate rules and regulations governing the conduct of athletic activities. 8. Establishes the physical and academic requirements of eligibility for participation in each sport and verifies each athlete's eligibility. 9. Prepares and administers the athletic program budget. 10. Requisitions program supplies and equipment. 11. Supervises all ticket sales and fund-raising events of the athletic program and assumes responsibility for proper handling of funds. 12. Arranges all details of visiting teams' needs, including lodging, meals, towels, gymnasium services and field assistance, as appropriate. 13. Arranges files and gym practice schedules. 14. Keeps records of the results of all junior and senior high school athletic contests and maintains A record file of all award winners, stating the date and type of award, including athletic scholarships. 15. Plans and supervises an annual recognition program for school athletes.  ACTIVITIES: 1. Establishes and maintains the school master calendar. 2. Plans and coordinates all school assemblies. 3. Develops and initiates programs under which students and faculty can communicate with one another. 4. Provides and instructs sponsors for school clubs and organizations. 5. Supervises all club activities in the school. 6. Administers and coordinates membership requirements, finances and financial activities of all school-sponsored clubs. 7. Meets with vendors regarding rings, photographs, caps and gowns and the like, establishing procedures for bidding and awarding contracts for such items and services. 8. Initiates, administers and coordinates a series of special programs, including an annual senior class day, class dances, drama and music productions, performances by outside groups for the student body, film festivals and the like. 9. Administers and coordinates all student elections. 10. Prepares and distributes a weekly activity and special events calendar to all staff. 11. Secures and assigns personnel from the staff and form outside agencies as appropriate to expedite activities and provide proper supervision and security for all student activities.CLASSROOM TEACHER  JOB TITLE: CLASSROOM TEACHER  QUALIFICATIONS: Must hold or be eligible for a current Idaho teaching certificate with appropriate endorsements by grade level and subject area.  SUPERVISED BY: School Principal  SUPERVISES: 1. Students during the school day and at other activities as assigned; 2. Volunteers, student aides, and/or other assigned to assist the teacher.  JOB GOALS: Through leadership and supervision, the teacher will promote academic, social, and citizenship development.  PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: Demonstrates instructional skills by: -organizing a productive classroom, -designing measurable and observable instructional objectives, -implementing the district curriculum, -designing lessons with logical and sequential content, -teaching at the correct level of difficulty and complexity, -using classroom procedures that are flexible, -using motivation, retention, reinforcement, and transfer techniques, -displaying a command of subject matter -establishing and clearly communicating acceptable parameters for student behavior, -using appropriate evaluation activities.  Demonstrates interpersonal skills by: -developing positive interpersonal relationships with students, parents, and building staff -encouraging student independence and creativity, -modeling a positive self-concept and attitude.  Demonstrates professional responsibilities by: -developing and implementing professional and personal growth plans, -participating in district and building in services, -supporting school and district regulations and policies, -selecting appropriate channels for resolving concerns/problems, -providing needed and requested information on a timely and effective basis.  TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Contract period of 190 days for teachers, unless determined otherwise by the school board.  EVALUATION: To be conducted by the district administrator in accordance with the guidelines specified in the evaluation policy.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

TETON COUNTY DISTRICT is committed to maintaining a work and learning environment free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, pregnancy, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/civil union status, ancestry, place of birth, age, citizenship status, veteran status, political affiliation, genetic information or disability, as defined and required by state and federal laws. Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.